At Ben Purscell's Artisan Stoneworks in Sellersville, PA there is an unusual sound for modern times. As brass mallet taps lightly against chisel, stone gives way revealing the art within.

The work may be a one-of-a-kind headstone, designed collaboratively with the client, or a relief carved standing stone informed by local 19th century (Fraktur) Pennsylvania-German folk-art paintings, sculptural- garden art or mosaics inspired by study with Doylestown, Bucks County PA's Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. Whether the work is a landscape feature for the garden, sculpture, abstract wall-hanging or gravestone, the medium is stone.

Plan a visit to the studio, located across the street from the Sellersville Theater and Washington House Restaurant.


Current projects include:

Tattoo art inspired carvings, "biker gravestones" reflecting American motorcycle culture-

In Progress: slate- w/ 1929 Harley-Davidson Flathead motor.

Completed: PA fieldstone/ dense sandstone- w/ colonial period skull and cross bones over winged wheel w/ motorcycle chain border.

An ongoing exploration of traditional Fraktur motifs, both carved and mosaic for use as landscape accents.

Decorative wall-hangings, interpretations of early 20th century paintings by Gustav Klimt and Paul Klee.

Hand-carved lettering, commercial and private signage, fireplace surrounds, garden sculpture, stone hardscape design and installation

To see completed works, or for consultation on custom designs contact Ben Purscell.